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Plant Anatomy


I conducted my undergraduate thesis in the Specht Lab at Cornell University, analyzing phylogenetic and geographic patterns of leaflet anatomy in the cycad genus Zamia.


After undergrad, I stayed at Cornell as a research assistant studying the hormonal and anatomical basis for twining movements in woody vines with Dr. Joyce Onyenedum (nee Chery).

Associated Publications
Chery, J.G., Glos, R.A.E., Anderson, C.T.

Do woody vines use gelatinous fibers to climb?

New Phytologist 233(1), 126-‌131, 2022/‌1

Glos, R.A.E., Salzman, S., Calonje, M. et al. 

Leaflet Anatomical Diversity in Zamia (Cycadales: Zamiaceae) Shows Little Correlation with Phylogeny and Climate. Botanical Review. 2022.

Image: transverse section of a bean internode stained with safranin and astra blue.

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